It's time for some special commissions!

Offer ends Saturday, June 23rd

I am currently accepting commissions for a special round of symbolic skull-and-flower original drawings. These are being offered at a special rate, which will expire Saturday the 23rd (max 20 commissions).

The page below details options for your custom drawing and prices. Prices are in USD and may vary based on the scope of each individual project. Please email me for a quote. - Click here for a currency converter


For business inquiries (e.g. editorial illustrations): Please always feel welcome to email me at kate[at]


MEMENTO VITAE || Custom ink drawings

Throughout this week, I will be accepting special rate commissions that celebrate life and beauty with a combination of skulls and flowers/plants. The idea is to build a unique arrangement around your choice of skull and 1-3 flowers or plants of your choice. You can choose components that have special meaning for you, based on your personal connection to each one or the history of symbolic meanings different cultures have attached to them. Some theme ideas:

  • A representation of your inner self
  • A zodiac sign theme
  • Symbols that represent what you want to say to someone you love
  • A representation of what you want to manifest in your life
  • A representation of how you feel about someone close to you
  • A tribute to your childhood pet

The drawings will be completed on 100lb. bristol board (acid-free), a smooth and rigid/heavy paper (like cardstock). Each drawing will use black, archival ink, as well.


Cat skull || Acacia (friendship) || Crocus (Youthful gladness) - 5"x7"

Cat skull || Acacia (friendship) || Crocus (Youthful gladness) - 5"x7"

To see more of my line drawings, check out my zodiac series!


  • The prices listed here include shipping (there's an additional charge for sales tax for California orders). If you may want color to be added to your drawing, that would require a higher project fee for the time required.
  • How to commission me: Please send an email to with your inquiry. Please provide your choice of size, skull, and flower/plant(s).
  • I must receive payment prior to starting the commission— You will receive a PayPal invoice by email, after we have agreed on the scope of the project and the price. I am only accepting payment via PayPal at this time. Commissions under $100 require payment in full upfront.
    • You do not need a PayPal account. You can pay with PayPal, credit, or debit.
  • I certainly don’t mind making a few minor edits (2 or 3), but if major changes or numerous changes to the composition are required, I may need to charge an extra fee.
  • I will send you a pencil sketch preview for approval before I complete your drawing with ink.
  • When the drawing is complete, I will send it via USPS to the mailing address provided.