FURYBORN Character Cards

Hello, all!

Life has been a bit wild for the last few weeks, though I'm excited to say there have been great opportunities in there. I've completed fun commission projects, sent originals off to new homes, and started a new job with a great company.

One of the most exciting events happening now is the reveal of one of my favorite projects from 2017!

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram @Kate_Trish, you've probably seen the first few character cards revealed by Claire Legrand, in preparation for the preorder announcement for her upcoming novel, FURYBORN. Claire and I teamed up to create a series of seven card-style portraits, each featuring a character from FURYBORN, which is the first novel in her Empirium Trilogy. Claire and Sourcebooks will be revealing one character card per day through 2/28, when the preorder campaign for FURYBORN will be announced. Claire's also sharing some fun information about each character on Twitter, as each card is revealed.

Working with Claire on this project was a dream, and I can't wait for you to meet all seven of these characters. I truly love this book, and I hope you enjoy the portraits as much as I enjoyed painting them.

You can follow Claire @clairelegrand and the FIREreads team @sourcebooksfire on Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

You can also check out EmpiriumTrilogy.com for more information about FURYBORN, which will be released on May 22nd.